About Us

Who we are

HERI Foundation is non-profit NGO registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Board, under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. It was registered vide OP.218/051/16-079/10236. The Foundation is an umbrella body for various community ministries including Children, Youth, Family Enrichment, Prisons visits, Business Fellowship Network and community empowerment programs.

Our Vision:

A holistically empowered community building a better Nation

Our Mission:

Uplift standard of living through participatory programmes that serves the community aspirations, socially, spiritually and economically to build a better Nation

Our Core Values

  • Godly
  • Patriotism
  • Integrity and accountability
  • Team work
  • Fairness
  • Humility and compassion
  • Servant leadership

Our Programmes

  1. Anti-drug and substance abuse programmes targeting those affected in the community
  2. Marital and pre-marital counselling targeting young adults
  3. Mentorship programmes; spiritual guidance and teaching of discipleship
  4. Youth talent identification and development programmes in performing arts and sports
  5. Education program – Sponsorship and welfare for Orphaned and vulnerable children. Health Education, good grooming , feeding program to ensure nutrition, and relevant knowledge for young people
  6. Rehabilitation, guidance and counselling programmes
  7. Economic empowerment programmes targeting vulnerable people such as single mothers

The Ultimate Goal

  1. To build a better and healthy Nation
  2. To Empower the vulnerable members of the community to be socially and economically independent
  3. To eliminate involvement of drugs and substance abuse and rehabilitate those affected in the community
  4. To instil Godly values and ethics in the community
  5. To nature talents among the youth such as in performing arts, sports etc.
  6. To promote self-awareness and acceptance of the youth and understanding of their space in the community
  7. To rehabilitate man to his Godly assigned duty as the head of the family
  8. To educate the community to be gender sensitive to alleviate domestic violence
  9. To inculcate educational values in the youth
  10. To promote emotional and psychological empowerment of the vulnerable people in the community
  11. To promote positive use of leisure time among the youth

On-going Activities

  1. Mathare Project – monthly feeding of 150 children in Mathare North,  kwa chief area Nairobi County. Sunday school every Sunday in the same area for around 50 children who are part of the feeding program.
  2.  Kiambu Enviromental Program – Under Loise Waiyaki
  3. Juba Prison Ministry – Under Lydia Gatonye


Chairman:     Rev. Bobby Ndung’u          0717 383 788

Secretary:      Ruth Kimani                         0722 553 819

Treasurer       Loise Waiyaki                       0723 584 307