And all were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, ‘What does this mean?’ But others mocking said, ‘They are filled with new wine.’” – (Acts 2:12-13)

During pentecost people around were trying to grasp what was happening. They were hearing loud noise as the believers moved by the Holy Spirit fluently spoke different languages.

The Holy Spirit had just fallen on the disciples who gathered to pray. They were waiting on God, and He showed up miraculously! That is the power within the true Church.

The response from the onlookers and listeners was two way. Some were very curious and others critical.

Whenever God moves there will be people who are curious. They will wonder, “What does this mean?” The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit coupled with the unity and joy of believers will attract them.

You can trust the Holy Spirit is wooing these people and drawing them toward Jesus. Our mission is to seek God, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and share the gospel with the curious.

The second lot is of the critics. The critics accused the believers of drunkenness. They thought there is no way these people are doing anything worth our time. They judged the believers harshly. They were the critics without curiosity, cold to the things of God.

But today we don’t call this lot critics, we call them bloggers or Twitter. You know those am talking about. They will talk to oppose anything done good or bad.

The most unfortunate thing is that as the disciples of Jesus we sometimes allow the critics to silence us. But we must identify quickly the critics and keep on testifying to what we know is true:

We have a firm believe that Jesus was who He said He was,
He died and rose again, and that the Holy Spirit will seal eternal life in us through believing in Him.

Don’t worry about the critics, worry about seeking God. Focus on faithfulness. And then be ready to invite the curious into our faith family!

Don’t miss the people with soft hearts and open minds that God has placed in your life to see the work He’s doing in and through you.

Are you more focused on the critics than seeking the curious?

But critics also can become passionate evangelists, but it takes God. Just think about Paul.

© Wisdom from Above 2021
Rev. Bobby K. Ndung’u
📢 Christian Missionary

Day’s Prayer Emphasis
Today we commit to pray for families. Pray against family separation and divorce. Pray for love and commitment. Pray for the children that they may grow in the fear of God and for their success. Pray for provisions.

Day 158 – Psalms 9-17

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