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Who is The Heri Child Empowerment Program – (HCDP)?

The HERI Child Development Program (HCDP) is a sympathetic response to children who are victims of life oppressive forces resulting to poverty. It is an initiative to eliminate suffering. HCDP seeks to deal with the poverty situation oppressive to the development of the child and releases the child from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.  Our purpose is to give the child a future that is promising. The HCDP approach is holistic meaning we empower the child in the five areas of the spiritual, mental, physical, social and economic.

What is HCDP

The HCDP is a project, which envisions in bringing social and economic transformation by educating the less fortunate children in the less privileged communities of Kenya. The program inception being Nairobi County.

What is the current state in kenya?

Currently the state of the less fortunate children in Kenya is encompassed with immense suffering. Kenyan economy is mainly supported by agriculture which failed due to poor weather patterns and poor governance. This forces a number of families who cannot support themselves in their rural homes, to migrate to towns and settle in low cost areas like slums. The circumstance causes most of the less fortunate groups of people that include the elderly, widows, the sick and children to go without a meal or have one meal a day. In many occasions most families are unable to support themselves and keep their children in school throughout the year. We have over a million children who live in such poor conditions both in rural and urban areas.

What is HCDP purpose?

Our purpose is to identify the poor, orphans and vulnerable Children and register them into our HCDP Program

WHAT Is our Target?

Our target is to have reached as many as 10,000 children by the year 2030 and cause them to have access to:-

  1. Basic education in a conducive classroom environment. Support them with uniform, necessary materials and basic medical scheme.
  2. Work with their parents/guardians to improve hygiene and sanitation among the children’s living conditions.
  3. Where necessary provide them with essential household support.
  4. Work with the government for the health protection of these children which may include vaccines, basic essential treatments, opportunistic infections, typhoid and enable them to sleep in treated mosquito nets.
  5. Support and improve livelihood of poor parents/guardians through economic empowerment.


WHO is a volunteer ?

Volunteers are individuals who work at NGO out of their own choice or have been deputed at NGO by other organizations. … NGO will have a limited contract with volunteers and will not provide any compensation except under special conditions.

How can I volunteer in HCDP ?

Volunteer opportunities in HCDP in the field of community development are:
  1. women empowerment support.
  2. child care and buddy programs.
  3. taking care of and rehabilitating street children.
  4. cultural conservation programs.
  5. working at local orphanages.

Where can I volunteer in HCDP Kenya?

HCDP Volunteer Programs

Love Volunteers offers volunteering opportunities in community centres, refugee camps, orphanages, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics in Mathare and Kiambu program. Placements in this stunning country can often be customised to suit the needs and profile of the volunteer.