Abraham approached and said, ‘Will You indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked? Suppose there are fifty righteous people within the city; will You indeed sweep it away and not spare the place for the sake of the fifty righteous who are in it?'” – (Gen 18:23‭-‬24)

We are in the middle of a storm called Covid-19. Many people have perished and many more gotten sick. But God is looking for righteous people like Abraham and Moses to intercede for the people for His mercies should supercede His wrath.

In today’s scripture, Abraham is praying for the righteous people that may be left in Sodom as God is going to destroy the city because of its wickedness.

He is asking God to spare the city if He can find 50 righteous people, then continuing to ask five more times all the way down to if He can find ten righteous people.

Years before Abraham had migrated to Canaan along with his nephew Lot, but as the uncle he retained a strong obligation to protect his nephew, a member of his extended family.

Lot had settled in Sodom, a sinful city in the fertile valley near the Dead Sea. Once, when the kings of Mesopotamia attacked Sodom and carried off Lot and other residents as slaves, Abraham raised his own personal military force, attacked the Mesopotamian army by night, rescued Lot, and returned him to his home (Gen 14:1-16).

But now Lot is threatened by another overpowering force – God Himself. And Abraham finds himself contending for Lot before the Lord. Abraham has entertained three men. It turns out that two of them are angels on their way to Sodom and the third is the LORD Himself (Gen 18).

Abraham has a great heart. God desires people who are like Abraham to stand in the gap and intercede for the people at least so God can spare a remnant.

Or look at the case of another great leader Moses who twice had to intercede for the people. One time is for Mirriam and Aaron when they had talked badly about Moses (Num 12:1ff).

The other time is when the Israelites have sinned against God and He wants to destroy them and rear a generation from Moses (Exo 32:9-14; Deut 9:13,14).

Could the Lord count on you and me to stand in the gap and pray. God will not act unless men pray. Let us assume this role as intercessors. It’s an urgent mission because the sooner we can do it the greater the number that can be saved.

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Rev. Bobby K. Ndung’u
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Day’s Prayer Emphasis
Today Let us pray for all the sick. Ask the Lord to be gracious to us and stop this pandemic. Pray that we can sooner God may make His message to be known and that we all will be obedient. Pray also for the unsaved.

Day 85 – 1 Samuel 15-16

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