“Therefore Levi has no portion or inheritance with his brothers. The LORD is his inheritance, as the LORD your God said to him.” – (Deut 10:9)

God is the inheritance the Levites waited a lifetime to get. An inheritance is something of great value and often changes everything.

In this case, the most valuable thing in the universe was and is God. God Himself was to be their reward.

What does that actually mean though? How can a being or personality be inherited by someone? How would you feel if your parents said that they weren’t leaving any property for you, they were just leaving themselves for you to be with the rest of your life?

What this meant was that God would be enjoyed by them forever. God was to be their Lord, and they were to be His people.

God is without measure, depthless, and fathomless. As such, He can genuinely be honored, worshipped, and known in increasing joy forever.

There is something different about worshipping the Person who created pleasure, instead of wanting to spend forever worshipping the things He created.

Christianity isn’t simply about getting to heaven. Rather, it’s about being fellow heirs with Christ and enjoying God forever.

Heaven, is truly enjoying God forever. Let us all desire to make this our inheritance.

© Wisdom from Above 2020
Rev. Bobby K. Ndung’u
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Day 333 – 1 Corinthians 1-4

Rev. Bobby Karanja


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    Great teaching


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