_”But He answered, ‘It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” – (Matt 4:4)_

Though it’s not compulsory for everyone to fast, it’s an important and a necessary Christian discipline. I encourage each one to consider fasting especially as we begin New Year.

Through prayer, you can cultivate a hunger for God and an urge to practice fasting as a necessary spiritual discipline. Fasting is good for your spiritual life and for healthy living.

Today’s verse is part of the interaction between Jesus and Satan in the wilderness. Jesus had just finished a forty day fast, and was hungry (Matt 4:2). He affirms an eternal truth that food isn’t the only thing that sustains us.

God obviously designed us to take in life giving nourishment through food and water, but as we are fasting, we focus upon the deep truth that God’s word is actually more vital to our living than bread!

When we fast, we are forcing ourselves into a position of weakness and humility. This is a lesson that can best be learnt through experience.

You see, we are generally controlled greatly by our bodily impulses. Impulses to eat, sleep or drink. But when we fast, we deny our flesh control over these extremely important aspects of our life. As we hunger for food during fasting, we are constantly aware of our weakness.

Fasting then is not simply about praying for God’s intervention in a given situation, but also about the Holy Spirit creating in us a repentant heart that realizes our constant weakness often masked in the routine of life.

Remember, fasting is a great time of humility, where like the Psalmist, we can join in crying to the Lord, _“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” (Ps 51:10)_

Consider setting aside time for this necessary spiritual discipline of fasting. You may choose to join us as we begin the New Year 2021 with a 21 days of partial Daniel Fast. 

*© Wisdom from Above 2020*
_Rev. Bobby K. Ndung’u_
📢 Christian Missionary

To Join in the *21 days of New Year Daniel Fast 9th to 29th January 2021.* To join follow this link:

_Day 364 – Revelation 18-19_

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