“let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.” – (Heb 10:22)

Holiness and physical cleanliness are closely linked in the Bible.

True Christians, therefore, should strive to keep their heart, body, and environment clean and tidy, as much as circumstances permit.

Hygiene has a vital role in our health. While it promotes spiritual health, it also improves our physical health. Cleanliness is a sign we take care of ourselves,and it improves our health

Cleanliness fosters a sense of beauty. When you come home after a tiresome day, it refreshens one’s spirit to find a clean neat house. It is also true about the human body. We can only help our inner beauty shine through when we take care of our hygiene

God gave Adam the responsibility to care for His creation – to keep it neat and tidy. (Gen 2:15). We must keep not only our body but our environment – house, compound, garden, office, church, etc clean.

Most of us only take care of the cleanliness of the exposed places but forget it’s not about what people see its about you and how you honour God in maintaining a state that glorifies Him.

Never clean to fulfil an obligation, but do so to remove dirt and impurity that doesn’t represent Godliness.

Physical cleanliness would also preclude the use of tobacco in any form, drunkenness, and any form of drug abuse, which befoul and damage the body.

Physical cleanliness can attract people near you. It creates an opportunity to reveal the love of God. Be clean.

Where have you failed in maintaining cleanliness as instructed by God. God is Holy (clean) and demands that we too approach Him in cleanliness.

© Wisdom from Above 2021
Rev. Bobby K. Ndung’u
📢 Christian Missionary

Day 8 – Genesis 26-28

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