In our approach to empower the children spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and economically, The HCDP shall employ the following:

  1. Conduct a bi-weekly Saturday program that will involve training the children for spiritual and skills empowerment.
  2. Collaborating with the local schools for the education welfare and providing academic coaching as necessary.
  3. Conduct periodical evaluation of the child’s holistic development.
  4. Improve on the nutritional status of the children in school and at home.
  5. Create community awareness of support programs in health, sanitation and hygiene.
  6. Empower the parent/guardian economically
  7. Conduct home visits and provide family counseling services.
  8. Conduct HIV/AIDS sensitization meetings with families within the community of our operation.
  9. Partner with churches and government organs for effective implementation of our program within a specific area.